The Differences Between Champagne And Prosecco

The differences

While champagne and prosecco are both considered as popular sparkling wines, they are distinctly different from one another. Champagne is produced from the pinot meunier, poinot noir and chardonnay grapes that are grown in the champagne region of the northeast France, but the other sparkling wine hails from Veneto region of the Italy, and it is made from the glera grapes. Both these wines are for people who love bubbly wines, the taste of these wines however are very different to one another.


proseccoChampagne is produced with the use of a costly method known as traditional method and it has a large amount of calories, it can also be very expensive to buy, with bottles going to just the general public reaching prices of £80. This wine is aged longer on yeast particles also known as lees and it has cheese rind like flavour that comes across of a biscuity or toasty flavor. This wine is aged in bottles under very high pressure with the bubble finesses and it is considered as a fine, sharp and persistent wine. But the vintage dated champagnes have flavors like white cherry or orange zest. It is also highly acidic, and intensely dry which works wonderfully as aperitif, but it can also paired with other delicious appetizers. Prosecco is the sparkling wine that is made from Glera or Proseccos grapes, but it is made with the use of affordable method that is known as the tank method. It has about 121 calories per serving and it is an affordable kind of sparkling wine.


As you will find, prosecco wines have more flower and fruit aromas that are the product of grapes which are aged in very large tanks while applying less pressure. The bubbles of these wines are spritzy, frothy and lighter with less persistence and the wine exhibit notes of honeycomb, vanilla, hazelnut, banana cream and tropical fruits as it lean more towards sweeter end of spectrum.